Global WarNing

Are you sick of hearing about the environment? Do you roll your eyes every time someone declares that we humans are fouling the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat? Do you rate Al Gore’s documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth” an alarmist film to appease the greenies and scare the rest […] Read more »

Air Pollution and Its Effect on the Planet

Air pollution is a serious growing problem. Years of plaguing the atmosphere with gases and exhaust is taking its toll on the planet. If steps are not taken immediately to stop or even slow this process soon, there will be dire consequences. What is air pollution? Air pollution is the result of undesirable chemicals and […] Read more »

Air Pollution – A Distressing Reality

Today, air pollution has become a distressing reality in most parts of the world. Ecologists never tire to remind us about the need to maintain the delicate environmental balance between humans and plants to ensure the healthy survival of the human species. Plants and trees, nature’s natural mechanism to purify the air that we breathe, […] Read more »

Illegal Logging and Biodiversity Degradation in the Tropics

Logging is a wood harvesting practice of extracting commercial with mostly merchantable timber from a forest. What does this mean? What and why is tropical forest degradation? Tropical forest is diverse in terms of flora (plant species) and fauna (wildlife species); it provides various goods such as timber for construction, and non-timber products such as […] Read more »

The Planet is a Conscious Living Entity

Many think of our planet, the Earth, as simply a complex assembly of elements that we consider inorganic lifeless elements. It’s interesting then that such a lifeless entity can and does support life isn’t it? Life is more that the sum total of all the “inorganic” and “organic” chemical reactions that many scientists think that […] Read more »