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Home Made Energy

Electrician Ben Ford’s Home Made Energy concentrates solely on how to build your own solar panels.

There are some alleged claims online that the product was initially released in a poor quality format and poor presentation. There is also a suggestion that refunds were delayed, although the transaction-handler has an impeccable reputation, making these comments dubious.

Other customers have highlighted the simplicity of the instructions, making it possible for most people to achieve their outcome of at least partly-powering their home with green energy.

The facts are directly below.

Feedback & Overview

4.5 Stars

Actual Customer Feedback:

“While it definitely helps to have worked with electronics and circuits before, the instructions are catered to people of all experience levels.”
Portion of actual user comment on digitalproductweb.com

“…may lack some of the fancy graphics but it definitely does not lack any of the information.”
Portion of actual user comment on thediyenergyguy.com

The feedback given across the discussion forums seems to converge on the fact that the package may be unsightly, but the information contained within and the outcomes customers experience are Home Made Energy’s important saviour. As a result, it is recommended.

Product Details

Company info

HomeMadeEnergy.com was registered on 12 June 2004.

Product Specifications

Detailed written guide and accompanying videos giving step-by-step directions to building your own solar panels.


$47 (as of time of writing)

Return Policy

Full 60 days 100% refund guarantee

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